Fancy Vegas is a Dublin-based production collective dedicated to original comedy.

  • Aidan Fitzmaurice: Artistic Director, Writer
  • John Geraghty: Producer
  • Ian Dunphy: Actor, Sound Design
  • Robert Molumby: Visual Design, Music
  • Séamus Hanly: Editor



ARACHNOPHILIA – The New Theatre 2019

  • Venue: The New Theatre
  • Dates: April 16th – 20th
  • Time: 7:30pm (+ 1pm Matinee on Saturday, April 20th)
  • Tickets: €17 (€14 conc.)
  • Duration: 50 mins

A story about love. And spiders. And to a lesser extent; a grasshopper. In an attempt to secure their long-term future and prepare for a baby, Conor buys Alice a Chilean rose tarantula. Understandably upset, Alice leaves, and Conor’s obsession with Bellhop the spider begins. With only his own shed exo-skeleton for company, can Bellhop find some meaning in a life lived in captivity? This new comedy by Aidan Fitzmaurice is suitable for both arachnophobes and arachnophiles – FIND OUT MORE

Reviews of Arachnophilia at Dublin Fringe Festival 2018:



No Strings Attached

A story of man and puppet.

  • Featuring Ian Dunphy
  • By Ian Dunphy and Aidan Fitzmaurice
  • Edited by Aidan Fitzmaurice


Jurassic Park with Live Sound Effects

A video about a screening of Jurassic Park with live sound effects.

  • Featuring Aidan Fitzmaurice, Séamus Hanly and Tony Cantwell


Life In The Shadow Of The Owl

Don Conroy is famed throughout Ireland and bits of Wales for his constant drawing of owls. But what’s it like to be a Conroy who can’t draw a good owl?

  • Featuring Ian Dunphy and Aidan Fitzmaurice
  • Voiceover by Tony Cantwell
  • Written by Aidan Fitzmaurice
  • Editing and Music by Seamus Hanly
  • Owl Drawing by Warren McCarthey


Jurassic Park Review Blog Essay Vlog

Steve Harppe reviews his favourite movie, Jurassic Park, while watching some upsetting footage on a second screen at the same time.

  • Written and performed by Aidan Fitzmaurice
  • Produced by Aidan Fitzmaurice and Ian Dunphy



There’s just something about this guy that tells me he’s a bit of a snake.

  • Starring: Stephen Colfer, Orla Devlin, Ian Dunphy, Seamus Hanly
  • Director of Photography: Conor O’Toole
  • Editing: Seamus Hanly
  • Written & Directed by Aidan Fitzmaurice